Terms and Conditions

The Auction

The Bidder acknowledges and agrees that MachineBid, Inc.  is a marketplace for auction items, but that MachineBid, Inc. is not the owner of the items. MachineBid Inc.  is not responsible for, and makes no representations as to, the accuracy of machinery specifications or listed machinery data, nor does MachineBid Inc. make any representation as to the condition of the machinery or item or as to the accuracy of any description of the machinery or item. BIDDER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IT IS THE BIDDER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY THE ACCURACY AND TO CONDUCT BIDDER’S OWN DUE DILIGENCE PRIOR TO BIDDING, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO TAKING THE OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW THE ITEM. 

Condition of Auction Items

All Auction Items are offered in AS IS, where is, condition, with any and all faults and with no guarantee or warranty, whatsoever, express or implied. There are no exceptions to this rule, regardless of age of item, usage, hours and/or reported condition. Specifications, sizes, capacities and condition are to be verified by the Bidder prior to bidding on the auction item

Bidder Responsibility 

Bidder is responsible for understanding how MachineBid Inc.’s auctions function. Specifically, all Bidders are instructed to read MachineBid Inc.’s Bidding Tutorial prior to participating in a MachineBid Inc. auction. For questions or further clarification, please contact MachineBid Inc. at 877-622- 4657, or via email Auctions@machinebid.com.

Verified Account Required

All Bidders must create an account with MachineBid Inc. prior to being able to participate in an auction. In order to bid on MachineBid Auctions, You MUST have a verified account with MachineBid Inc. through PayPal (which requires an acceptable Credit Card or PayPal account). Though all users are free to browse our auction site and view any item, only verified account holders are able to participate in our auctions and bid on auction items. 

To register for an account, users will be required to provide their legal information, such as first and last name, company name (if applicable), full address, phone number, credit card information, and any other information that may be requested and/or required upon registration for Auctions at MachineBid Inc.

Auction-Specific Terms and Conditions

In addition to our general terms and conditions, many of our online auctions will also be governed by additional auction-specific terms and conditions. To the extent that any auction specific terms and conditions are inconsistent with any term or condition above, the terms and conditions of the auction-specific terms and conditions shall prevail. Upon registration a user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth above, as well as any auction-specific terms and conditions.


MachineBid Inc. uses and accepts United States Currency Only.

Inspection of Auction Items

Bidders are encouraged to take the opportunity to inspect machinery or items when viewing is available. In most cases, MachineBid Inc. will post viewing and inspection availability. Further, Bidders may contact MachineBid Inc. for details regarding viewing and inspection of items.

Buyer’s Premium

When an item is listed as containing a Buyer’s Premium, then the purchase price that the successful bidder will pay will include the bid amount plus the Buyer’s Premium. The Buyer's Premium will be listed as a percentage (%) of the auction item.  By submitting a bid, Bidder acknowledges and agrees to pay the Buyer’s Premium fee in addition to the purchase price for the applicable item. All payments are to be made in (USD), United States Currency, only.

Bid is a Contract

When placing a bid, a Bidder agrees to be contractually bound to complete the purchase of the item if the Bidder is the highest successful bidder, and to pay all Buyer’s Premiums associated therewith. 

Reserve Price

The Reserve Price is the minimum price that a lot's seller would be willing to accept from a buyer.    If the Reserve Price is not met, the seller is not required to sell the item, even to the highest bidder.  Once the Reserve Price is met, the item will be sold to the Bidder submitting the highest bid over the Reserve Price.

Any item for which the Reserve Price has not been met by the closing date and time shall remain unsold, and all bids will become null and void. Bidders or interested parties should contact the Auction Manager after close of the auction if you still have interest in purchasing an item for which the Reserve Price was not met.

Bid Increments

A Bid Increment is the minimum increase over the then highest bid that a bidder can submit. For example, if the Bid Increment is set at $100, and the then highest bid is $1,000.00, then the lowest bid that can be made to outbid the then highest bidder is $1,100.00. Though MachineBid Inc. uses best efforts to notify a bidder who has been outbid, MachineBid Inc. is not responsible to provide such notifications and shall not be responsible for any such notification that is not received or sent.

Proxy Bidding

For auction listings, a bid placed by software automatically on your behalf and at the lowest possible bid increment. You enter the highest amount you are willing to pay, then the software monitors the auction. Your maximum bid amount is placed only when another bidder has bid up to that amount. Also called Automatic Bidding. When making a Proxy Bid the Reserve Price is considered a bidder and will bid up to the reserve price.

Time extensions

Bidder acknowledges that the closing time for an auction is not definite. Further, if within five minutes of the posted closing time, a bid is made, that auction closing timer will then be extended and reset so that there are five minutes remaining after the last bid. At the close of an auction, the highest bid that is over and above the reserve price will be the winning bid. The successful bidder for each item will be notified via email, or text message, depending on the user’s account preferences.

Shipping and Pickup

Shipping and timely pickup of any equipment by the successful Bidder is the sole responsibility of the winning Bidder and at the sole cost and risk of the winning bidder. MachineBid Inc. is not responsible for preparing items for shipment or providing any accommodations for shipping or pickup. Bidder agrees to arrange for timely pickup or shipment of any successful purchase after payment has been received. Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required for any person that will be on the premise for any reason (see below)

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS (COI): Buyer, Buyer’s Contracted Movers, Third Party Service Providers and/or any other person or entity must provide MachineBid Inc. with a satisfactory Certificates of Insurance ("COI"), PRIOR TO COMING ONTO THE PREMISES to perform any Rigging, loading and/or removal of a non-hand-carriable Auction Lot, dismantling of an Auction Lot and/or the use of a cutting tool.  Such COI must comply with the requirements provided below, and with any additional requirements that Machine Bid Inc. deems necessary, in its sole discretion.

  • COI must be for person or entity that will be on the premises performing the removal or disassembly.

  • The minimum General Liability insurance requirement is $2,000,000.

  • MachineBid Inc., Inc, Seller and landlord must be named as additional "insureds and beneficiaries”.

  • A separate COI must be supplied for each individual Auction location with location’s address.

  • COI should be emailed to 

  • Any additional requirements and/or COIs that MachineBid Inc. identifies as necessary, is its sole discretion.

Unsuccessful Bidding

By participating in a MachineBid Inc.’s auction, the Bidder agrees that MachineBid Inc. is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any outbids, lost auctions failed attempts at bidding, technical issues, internet outages or other factors interfering with a bidder’s attempt to bid on an item; and further, that If at any point MachineBid’s Inc.’s auction site becomes unavailable, malfunctions, or experiences technical issues, MachineBids Inc. shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages or loss, including but not limited to lost opportunity,  incurred by the Bidder.

Sales Tax 

All purchases from this auction will be subject to all applicable State, County, and Local taxes, unless the purchaser is exempt, and can prove it’s such.

Tax Exemption Certificate must be sent into MachineBid Inc. at auction@Machinebid.com and validated as one of the following entities: Manufacturing, Farming/Agriculture, Government, Non-Profit Organization, or In-State or Out of State Re-Seller.

Resolution of Disputes

All transactions and disputes concerning this Agreement, or any matter related thereto or relating to an auction run by MachineBid Inc., shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Hampshire, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. The Parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Hillsborough County, New Hampshire for the purpose of any suit, action or other proceeding arising out of this Agreement, and further agree that venue for any such proceeding shall be in the State of New Hampshire. Furthermore, the Bidder hereby irrevocably waive any right to a trial by jury in respect of any claim brought by or on behalf of either party based upon, arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.

Age of Consent

By registering for an event, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age at the time of the lot closure.