How to Auction Your Machine

Auctioning your used machines and equipment just got a whole lot easier. At MachineBid we've been through the over-complicated online machinery auction process (more than a few times!) and decided to fix it. Today, we have streamlined the online auction process specifically for the used machinery marketplace… it's really this simple:

Man on phone near used machine
1. Call MachineBid

Whether you have used equipment taking up space in your warehouse, a shop closing, machinery to liquidate, or even excess materials you need to move, an online machine auction can be the fastest and most profitable solution.

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Dirty Machine
2. Prepare Your Machine

Our online auction specialists will discuss with you the best way to present your equipment for auction. From clean-up to photography and video, the better you present your machine for sale, the better your auction will go. At MachineBid, if you do well, we all do well — so we'll do everything we can to make your auction a success!

3. Showtime!

After we've set up the most successful auction for you and your equipment possible, it's time for your auction. Sit back and leverage MachineBid's market reach and watch the bids come in.

Money falling from sky
4. Payday!

When your auction closes, the winning bidder and a freight broker will work with you to get your equipment moved to its new home. MachineBid streamlines the whole process to remove the headaches… it's that easy.